Since 1994, a commitment to personalized,
one-on-one service.

MacSolutions was founded by Linda Conoval, a computer enthusiast based in Englewood, New Jersey.

Linda's passion for technology dates back to the 1980s, just before the dawn of the personal computer. Though her background was in publishing, a visit to MacWorld in the early 1990s — the beginning of the technology revolution — paved the way for a career in tech services.

In 1994, Linda became an Apple Solution Professional, and in 1998, she opened MacSolutions in downtown Englewood. To stay on top of the latest industry developments, Linda attends training courses on a regular basis, and is now an Apple Certified Product Professional.

MacSolutions is Bergen County's Apple solution expert, yet Linda's service stretches well beyond Englewood and its surrounding communities. Whether handling repairs at the Englewood headquarters or making service calls, she delivers an uncommon level of service — client after client.

"I know how to get things, where to get them, and how to put them together. That's my stock-in-trade. I help people find a way to do something they thought they couldn't do."

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Apple Product Professional